Office Cleaning

A smoothly running office is dependent on many factors. One critical factor is the cleanliness of the office space. A clean workspace helps to keep employees healthy, happy, and productive.

New Century Cleaning, located in Tallahassee, provides cleaning services to lawyers, accountants, realtors, consultants, engineers, and a variety of other businesses that occupy office space.

Germs are lurking

People get sick – it’s a fact of life. These illnesses are caused by bacteria and germs. Objects located and used in the workplace have the less-than-desirable distinction of being included on a list of some of the “germiest” objects people encounter on a regular basis. For example, you will find germs on

  • desks and chairs,
  • doorknobs,
  • elevator buttons,
  • handrails,
  • vending machines,
  • copy machines and staplers,
  • water fountains,
  • bathrooms, and
  • anything else that may be touched in an office.

The list can be overwhelming. But, as we all know, steps can be taken to help reduce some of the risks that can cause illnesses such as colds or flu. This is where New Century Cleaning comes in.

New Century Cleaners cleans up

Our office cleaning services are unparalleled. One of the reasons for this is that we know that every situation is different. We will sit down with you and design a cleaning program that is tailored to your needs.

In addition to sanitizing your office space, some of the services that New Century Cleaning provides include:

  • Carpet careFloor cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Hard floor care
  • Window cleaning
  • General routine office cleaning
  • Trash removal
  • Recycling service
  • Light fixture maintenance

You will also feel confident knowing that we only use top-quality, environmentally friendly products and equipment. Our highly trained staff is certified and experienced. In addition, you’ll be pleased with the level of professionalism our team demonstrates.

Our staff at New Century Cleaning looks forward to hearing from you so we can schedule your free consultation. Please give us a call at 850-894-6226 and we’ll get started.