Top 5 Germiest Places in an Office

Top 5 Germiest Places in an Office:

Is everyone in your office constantly getting sick and disrupting your productivity and work flow? It is time for your company to stop the spread of germs around your work space by hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean and disinfect all the common areas where germs are heavily found. Having the office professionally cleaned greatly reduces the spread of germs and prevents the spread of illnesses.

Here are the Top 5 Germiest Places in Your Office that must be frequently cleaned:

1. Break Room Sink Faucet Handles

Even if the sink in your break room is sparkling and shining, it doesn’t mean that it is germ free. Office employees touch the sink faucet handles multiple times throughout the day passing germs from one employee to the next.

2. Microwave Door Handles

During your next lunch break, take notice of how many colleagues use the microwave. The handles of the microwave fall victim to frequent use and collect germs. If you take a white cloth to your office microwave handle, you are likely to see a buildup of dirt and residue from multiple food sources.

3. Keyboards

Keyboards in the office are highly infested with germs, especially ones that are used by multiple people. Make sure your office keyboards are always cleaned for optimal health and well-being. It is estimated that up to 3,295 germs can be found per square inch of computer keyboards, therefore, it is important that they are always properly cleaned.

4. Refrigerator Door Handles

The refrigerator is one of the most popular items in the office. Employees put their lunches and snacks in the office refrigerator when the day starts and continue to use the refrigerator door handles multiple times until the end of the day. Refrigerator door handles are not cleaned and disinfected nearly as much as they require and having them regularly cleaned will reduce the spread of germs.

5. Water Fountain Buttons

Water fountains are popular visit spots for colleagues and clients. Frequent use for a quick drink of water or to top off a water bottle makes it another hot spot for germs to spread viruses. If the water fountains in your office are open to the public and clients, they pose a higher threat for the spread of illnesses. Ensure your commercial cleaning company is regularly cleaning this area.