New Year, Clean Office

New Year, Clean Office


After the holiday season it’s important to have your commercial cleaning company clean up all the left-over crumbs, dirty dishes, and excess trash from your holiday office party. Having an office that is clean for the New Year leaves employees and clients with a lasting impression that makes them want to stay for the year and many more. Make it one of your New Year’s Resolutions to improve the cleanliness of your office!


Many companies think that remodeling or redecorating is the key to a fresh new office look for the New Year, however, a thorough cleaning from a professional commercial cleaning company is all your company needs to make your office look new and shiny.

Below are four areas of your office that need to be addressed for a fresh, cool, and clean office appearance:

1. Strip and Wax Office Floor Tiles

In many cases, the flooring in your office ties into the overall general shine of your office appearance. If your floor tiles are looking dull and filthy, then a simple professional stripping and waxing can make it look brand new for the New Year.

2. Clean Windows

Overtime built-up fingerprints, dirt, and dust on glass windows can make a professional office look dull and lifeless. Having windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis gives your office a clean and clear appearance.

3. Kitchen/Breakroom

After the office holiday festivities, the kitchen/breakroom is usually the biggest victim of the celebration aftermath. Liquid spills on the counter, over-flowing trash cans, and crumbs on the floor and tables can leave your employees with less motivation to increase their work productivity in the New Year.


4. Carpets

The winter and New Year season is prone to heavy traffic in your office due to an increase in the number of clients. While the increase is often good news for the company, it’s definitely not good for your office carpet. The excess wear on carpet flooring during this time results in high amounts of dirt collecting deep in carpet strands along with high risk of damaging stains from holiday drink spills. To help your office carpet recover from the heavy traffic, make sure your professional commercial cleaning company is regularly vacuuming your carpets along with frequent professional carpet cleanings.