Medical Offices – 4 Tips to Consider when hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

Medical offices are a haven filled with germs and bacteria. The high traffic of ill patients requires your medical office to be professionally cleaned more frequently than most other offices. If you are a medical office looking to hire a cleaning company or already have one, here are some tips to consider that your professional cleaning company should include.

 1. Communication

  • Make sure you understand who you are supposed to contact at the cleaning company and how to contact them if you need help, have an emergency incident, or want to make a change with the cleaning plan. Having contact information may seem like an obvious step when hiring a commercial cleaning company, however, always have them confirm their preferred way to be contacted (i.e. email, phone, text message). Also, make sure that your professional cleaning company provides you with back-up contact information in case the main method of contact is not available.


2. Cleaning Products

  • Your chosen commercial cleaning company should inform you of which cleaning products they recommend for use in your medical office. Usually, these companies will recommend cleaning products that have a reputation of killing unwanted bacteria and germs to keep your medical office clean and healthy. Ensure that they provide the series of cleaning products that will be used for cleaning the flooring, desks, tables, counter tops, phones, keyboards, break rooms and restrooms in your medical facility.

 3. Scheduling Regular Quality Cleaning Inspections

  • Confirm with your cleaning company that regular cleaning inspections will be done by the company and/or someone in your medical office. Having cleaning inspections are vital to ensure that your cleaning company is completing all the necessary areas of your office. Also, by having set cleaning inspections with the company gives you the opportunity to develop a professional relationship with them which can better help your communication when it comes to cleaning emergencies and errors.

 4. The Company’s Reputation

  • Always make sure when you’re hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for your medical office that you request a list of references that include other medical offices they have cleaned. Also, check online to see if there are reviews posted about their services and always check their website!