How Often Should My Office Be Cleaned?

How Often Should My Office Be Cleaned?

It’s a common question in the cleaning industry and there’s not an easy answer to the question because every business is complex. Your office has its own unique set of needs and circumstances, which requires a commercial cleaning company that can cater to this need. Your office is the center of the business and is presented on a daily basis to bosses, co-workers, and clients that all develop an impression of its upkeep and appearance.

When discussing with a commercial cleaning company about the frequency of the routine cleaning, it is important to consider the factors below:

  • Type of Business

The type of business that you run is a major factor in the routine cleaning frequency because it relates to all the other factors listed beneath. Your type of business feeds into the demand and necessity for a clean environment. For instance, if your business is a law firm then it would not be given the same frequency of cleaning as a medical office.

  • Size of Building

The size of your office building is also another factor to consider because a small office with only two or three employees would not need the cleaning attention of a 10,000 square foot office with fifty employees.

  • Amount of Foot Traffic

Another thing to think about is how many people visit your office on a daily basis. Is your office environment solely yourself and your employees or do you have clients that visit on a daily basis? The amount of people that come into your office everyday factor into how dirty it becomes, which is a major factor to consider when thinking about how frequently it needs to be cleaned.

  • Office Layout

The layout of your office is another factor to consider. If you have a waiting room and multiple stall bathrooms for clients then you’d want to hire a commercial cleaning company to come in more frequently than if you have just a few offices.