Cleaning Cubicles!

Cleaning Cubicles!


In many offices, cubicles are the main place where the work and action happens. Most workers spend their days seated and surrounded by these fabric covered walls. Think about how many employees eat and socialize in these fabric walls, while spending a large amount of the day in them.

In many commercial buildings, cubicles are a popular sight. Most offices have a cleaning schedule for their flooring and carpets, however, the walls of cubicles are often overlooked. Below are four reasons why the upholstered walls of the cubicles should be regularly cleaned:


 1. Dust!

  • The fabric texture of cubicle walls are prone to easily collect dust mites. Cubicle walls capture and embed dust mites along with dirt and other airborne debris, such as dead skill cells. When cubicle walls are not regularly cleaned, dust and these other particles build up causing the walls to look unsightly and a danger to health.


2. Allergies

  • If your cubicle has piles of dust caked onto the fabric walls then there is a big chance that this contributes to allergies around the office. Many employees are forced to miss work due to allergies, which reduces overall office productivity. Dust mites omit waste that can trigger allergic reactions such as runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing. If you or your co-worker experience this on a daily basis, have your cubicle walls cleaned by a professional cleaning company.


 3. Cleaner Office Appearance

  • When cubicle walls are caked with dust and have coffee stains in various areas, the overall image of the office is compromised. Clients and employees that enter the cubicle area will find a dullness in the office’s appearance due to the uncleanliness of the fabric cubicle walls. The unsightly stains and dust can be easily cleaned by a professional cleaning company, so that your office will sparkle again.

 4. Deeper Office Clean

  • When having your cubicle walls cleaned by a professional cleaning company, the removal of the walls reveal areas that are not normally cleaned on a regular basis. These hard to reach cracks and corners of your cubicle will be exposed, which will give the cleaning crew the chance to thoroughly clean areas that are hard to reach. This will ultimately give your cubicles (and office) a shinier and cleaner space.