8 Reasons Why Your Business’ Appearance May be Affecting Your Company


Some may think that the difference between a recently cleaned office and an office that hasn’t been cleaned for weeks is subtle. This is not the case for many offices. A thorough weekly cleaning done by a professional commercial cleaning company does wonders for a company’s overall appearance and helps increase their employee and client satisfaction.

1. Stained Carpets

If your office does not have its carpets regularly cleaned by a commercial cleaning company, then it may be affecting your company’s success and wellbeing. Office carpets are prone to be victim of coffee stains and other liquids such as inks and glue. With frequent use, your carpet may have multiple accident stains that result in dark unsightly spots on your carpet. Clients often stare at the floor when they’re sitting in your waiting room or walking into your company. The appearance of your carpets factor into the client’s overall opinion and impression of your business, so don’t let a few carpet stains give your customers the wrong impression about your business.

2. Scratched Tile Floors



Many offices have commercial CVT tiles instead of carpet. Like carpet, this type of flooring also requires regular maintenance. Tile flooring can easily get scuff marks and scratches from heavy use. Clients and customers can easily notice if your tile does not undergo frequent maintenance. Commercial CVT tiles must be stripped of previous wax and receive a new coat of wax to have the best shine and remove unsightly scuff marks. If your tile is lighter in its base color, it is more likely to show scuff marks and scratches. It is recommended to have your commercial tile cleaned every six months to one year (depending on the amount of traffic your office receives).

3. Fingerprints on Glass Doors

Many businesses have glass doors for customers to enter through. It’s one of the first things a customer notices when they walk into a business. If you have a consistent flow of customers and employees coming in and out through these doors every day, then finger prints can easily accumulate on the glass. This unclean appearance will give your customers the impression that you don’t care enough to have your doors regularly cleaned. This problem can easily be fixed by hiring a commercial cleaning company to regularly clean your facility.

4. Overflowing Trash Cans

Trash cans are meant to keep trash inside and contained, not falling over the sides. If your office environment is busy with bustle from clients and employees, then even large trash bins can easily fill up with empty drink containers and papers. The sight of an overflowing trash bin can give your clients the impression that your company can’t even manage its basic upkeep. Make sure your commercial cleaning company is hired for regular visits to maintain your office cleaning needs.

5. Fingerprints on Tables and Office Desks

Fingerprints found on office furniture not only make a table or desk look unclean and unsanitary, but they also rob your office of potential shine. Although a desk with mass numbers of fingerprints means that your company is thriving with business, however, don’t lose these customers by presenting them with a dirty office. Even if your table or desk is made of wood, fingerprints easily accumulate on the top wax coat and strip the finish of a glossy shine.

6. Dusty Picture Frames





Dust is the ultimate sign that your office is not being regularly cleaned. Clients can easily notice a dusty picture frame sitting on your employee’s desk that’s covered in dust bunnies. However, picture frames are not the only victims of dust. Office desks, staplers, computers, and green plants can be covered with dust. This gives your office an unappealing look that leaves your customers with a negative impression. This problem is an easy fix for a professional commercial cleaning company.

7. Un-mopped Floors


Clients and employees track in all types of debris from the outdoors into your office. Muddy shoes can turn a shiny tiled floor into an unsanitary disaster. If your clients see a bunch of shoe prints on your floor when you walk in, they will probably walk out. Not only does regular floor mopping improve the appearance of your floor, but it also enhances the smell of your office.

8. Unvacuumed Floors


Vacuuming is a basic requirement for maintaining a clean appearance in your office. Not only does the obvious, visual items such as staples and shreds of white paper need to be sucked up by a quality commercial vacuum cleaner, but also the tiny, hard-to-see dust particles and dirt that collects in your carpet over time.