5 Commonly Found Bacteria in Your Office

5 Commonly Found Bacteria in Your Office

Germs are your co-workers too! The top places that bacteria breed in the office includes sink faucets, microwave door handles, computer keyboards, refrigerator door handles, and water fountains. If your office is not regularly cleaned by a qualified commercial cleaning company then it is becoming the perfect location for over 500 types of germs!
Below is a list of the 5 most commonly found bacteria in office spaces. Although their names are long and sound extremely scientific, it’s important to understand what’s lurking in your office and how a qualified commercial cleaning company can make your office space clean and bacteria free!

1. Staphylococcus Aureus

Staphylococcus aureus is more often referred to as “staph” for short. It is frequently responsible for causing and spreading a variety of infections. Examples include skin infections, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections. This bacterium is often found to live in and near keyboards and computer stations. Commercial cleaning companies tackle this bacteria by cleaning keyboard and computer station areas regularly and wipe it down with bacteria killing products.

2. Actinobacteria

Actinobacteria is considered the most common bacteria that is found in the office setting! This is mostly because it has the ability to spread quite easily and can multiply on surfaces throughout the entire office. There are harmful variants of this bacteria that is known to cause more severe infections and medical problems. Professional commercial cleaning companies use the best cleaning disinfecting solutions to wipe down surfaces and prevent actinobacteria from spreading and causing illness among office staff.

3. E-Coli

Although E-Coli is usually thought of as coming from processed or raw foods, it has also been known to present itself in office settings. Shared office equipment such as phones, copiers, scanners, printers, and even handles and door knobs are locations where E-Coli can be found. The E-Coli bacteria is considered dangerous because it can cause harsh infections and can rapidly spread to multiple areas with ease. Having your office commercial cleaning company wipe down all shared equipment with disinfectant cleaning products greatly reduces the bad strains of e-coli from spreading.

4. Heliobacter Pylori

Like E-Coli, the bacteria Heliobacter Pylori has the ability to spread easily at a rapid pace. This bacteria is also caused by unsanitized areas that are not frequently cleaned and can result in harsh gastrointestinal infections, which are known to spread like wildfire throughout an office setting and reduce employee presence. Commercial cleaning companies that clean office spaces on a regular basis reduce the number of office illnesses and the spread of heliobacter pylori.

5. Norovirus

Even though Norovirus isn’t technically considered a bacteria, it is still important to watch and try to prevent this illness from spreading at the office. Unfortunately, this type of virus can also cause harsh gastrointestinal upset, and it is extremely contagious! Norovirus is commonly found in enclosed spaces where people cohabitate, which of course includes an office setting! Having close contact with a person who is infected or coming in contact with infected surfaces harboring the virus can get you quite ill! Commercial cleaning companies that regularly disinfect commonly shared office areas reduces the chance of contracting the norovirus, however, the ultimate way to avoid spreading the illness is to make sure those who aren’t feeling well do not come into work.